Circle up for a new kind of event.

At Untethered we’ll unleash the power of our connected communities using an innovative Circles process. Together, using Human-Centered Design processes, we will design, test and publish a new playbook. Using our new playbook, we’ll then deliver a hybrid event that provides a tactical implementation framework that empowers and engages the event industry like never before.

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What constitutes meaningful human connection at Hybrid events? How can Hybrid bridge across the digital divide to generate communities that are energized both locally and remotely? How are communities energized and extended beyond a singular point in the space-time continuum?


Create an end-to-end content plan that delivers your event messaging across all touchpoints. Consider and implement a range of modes of delivery and learning styles and craft a content syllabus that delivers consistently impactful content for all Hybrid experience pathways. Share best practices for empowering and supporting content speakers.


Make the leap from data to craft dimensional Empathy profiles for attendees. Create surveys that reveal inclusive frameworks for behavioral preference personalization. Map the various hybrid experience pathways and set strategies for the touchpoints where these journeys intersect. Techniques for integrating personae into your practice.


Define engagement strategy for Hybrid events, with a plan for how the experience will drive behavior and build brand relationships during and post event. Discover how different Hybrid pathways will access the experience and create a differentiated engagement plan that maximizes Interaction and Activation.


Assess best practices in Marketing against future scenarios. How might marketing practices evolve to meet the changing needs of audiences? How have marketing teams restructured to navigate hybrid horizons?


Define the event tech stack and create frameworks for assessing platforms. Understand the nuances of integrating different platforms and solutions into a seamless experience. Audit the field of technology options and determine how to align needs with audience channels.


Infuse immersive, impressive, theater into the Hybrid experience. Technologies and stagecraft techniques that enable remote and live interaction with on-stage content. Strategies for multiple-location streams and infrastructure needs for production excellence. Scripting and supporting the evolving role of Keynotes.


Create a strategic guide and outline the definition of success for your event. Determine what success would ‘look like’ and how it might be captured and assessed. Outline value statements and pricing structures and approaches for aligning sponsorship and revenue generation for multi-faceted hybrid events.


Essential for the delivery of any hybrid event, this circle will survey codes, regulations, and requirements being implemented by venues and locations. Dig into the details of contracting, site selection and specifying. Together, the group will create a Hybrid Health & Safety Best Practices playbook that will guide the consistent application of standards.

Let's get to know each other

We are all unique in the way we experience the world, what we expect and how we prefer to engage. To help you (and us!) gain a deeper understanding of our audience, we invite you to take our attendee experience quiz to find out what YOUR experience profile is!

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Share your vision

As we head into a new year, filled with new possibilities and new challenges, it’s important to take a moment and just DREAM. We’ve created an online vision board where you can spend some time to think about and put into pictures your vision of what you aspire towards in 2021.

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We can’t wait to learn and share with you at the UNTETHERED Design-a-thon on March 16 – 17!

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